Keto OS Pro Pack (FREE shipping)

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Keto OS Pro Pack (FREE shipping)


Keto OS Pro is our upgraded ketone supplement. Not only does it contain the exogenous ketones, but it also contains MCT oil for increased endogenous ketones and healthy fats as well as amino acids for post workout muscle recovery.

I like to use this as a meal replacement shake or a dessert shake. I prefer to mix this formula with almond milk and ice to make a nice smoothie consistency. You can add things to this formula like strawberries or peanut butter to make some amazing shake flavors.

How does it work? You drink one packet per day! Anytime you wish! It helps to gain energy, lose cravings and reduces appetite, making it easy to follow any meal plan successfully to get results! It will put you in ketosis in under 59 minutes.

Do I need to be keto for these to work? NO

Drinking these exogenous ketones will give all the benefits of a strict keto diet. You can pair with any healthy meal plan. If you already follow keto it will enhance results, allow flexibility in falling off, and will increase ketone production.


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